Touch for Health Kinesiology

Touch for Health Kinesiology

Taking bookings as of April 2020.

Welcome to My Vibrant Vibes. I’m a Holistic health expert using specific and relevant techniques through Kinesiology helping others improve their general health and well being.

I investigate all aspects of life with Touch for Health Kinesiology. This method is a hands on, non-diagnostic, noninvasive holistic method of health care.

Touch for Health Kinesiologyworks on all energy systems of the body promoting positive balance and helping improve health, well-being and vitality.

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Clinic appointments are offered in supporting you on your journey to becoming consciously healthy and fulfilled in every aspect of life.


The possibilities are wide and varied depending on the individual. The belief central to Kinesiology is that optimum health comes from being in balance with all things. When we are free from negative stress and ‘in balance’ benefits include:

  • Improved general health
  • Increased energy & vitality
  • More confidence & motivation
  • Improved posture, relief from physical pain & tension
  • Stress relief and day to day stress management strategies
  • Assistance to change attitudes, set and achieve personal goals
  • Enhanced brain function & improved coordination, work & sports performance
  • Removes blocks, barriers and emotional triggers
Please note: From 2020 discounts will come off as will have fully completed my training , also you must be willing to be a case study but no personal info will be used.

*Must of had first session
First Session (90 mins)£65.00 (£35.00 Discount)
3 Sessions* (180 mins)£180.00 (£15.00 Discount)
6 Sessions* (360 mins)£345.00 (£45.00 Discount)

What happens in a consultation?

A consultation starts with a discussion of what you want to achieve from the session. This could be relief from pain or other physical difficulties, a change in performance or changing how you may be feeling emotionally.

This allows you to be in charge of the process and work at your own pace, deciding on the most effective goal for each session in conjunction with me. The session itself is referred to as a “Balance” where the intention is to enable you to identify and correct any imbalances within your body.

Each kinesiology consultation is tailored to your needs using information stored in your subconscious. Kinesiology therapy downloads this information using an evidenced based scientific approach called muscle testing.

Kinesiology treatments in my Darlington based clinic are both liberating and relaxing. As your energy becomes unblocked your goals are naturally achieved.

Identifying and correcting imbalances

You will then be introduced to the concept of muscle testing as a way of obtaining information about how the body is functioning and where there may be imbalances or blockages.

A gentle pressure is used to obtain information about the quality of response of a muscle. For accuracy and comfort the arms and legs are used as levers to access muscles all over the body.

We work together to understand where the imbalances are, before going on to explore what could restore balance to the body.
Imbalances are corrected by using a variety of gentle methods such as Neuro Lymphatic massage points, working on the muscle, acupressure holding points, meridian pathways, nutritional changes or working with emotional responses.

All aspects of the body are taken into consideration to reach optimum physical, emotional and biochemical balance. This way the body is able to work more effectively to reduce its own imbalances, symptoms or illness.

The History of Kinesiology

Kinesiology was discovered by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960′s. He was the first to identify that there were muscles that were not ‘locking’ or working which meant other muscles became painful and overused. Where traditional therapies focus on the painful muscle, Kinesiology identifies the root cause of the problem – the muscles that are not functioning and uses techniques to turn those muscles on.

Kinesiology therefore uses the theory of muscle testing to discover the underlying causes contributing to health issues – be it physical, emotional or nutritional. The body clearly communicates to the practitioner what is needed.

How Does a Kinesiologist Work?

Once the root cause is identified, I will support you with Kinesiology techniques, nutritional recommendations, structural work, energy reflexes and emotional coaching to guide you back to your full health and emotional wellness.

Why is Kinesiology Unique?

The toolbox of techniques at the hands of a skilled Kinesiologist far exceeds the offering from many other therapies, allowing myself as your Kinesiology practitioner to fully support you on your health journey.

Because of today’s unnatural farming methods and our tendency to eat processed and microwaved foods most people in the UK are deficient in vital nutrients. During your Kinesiology appointment with me it is likely that you will be recommended a protocol of non- synthetic supplements to aid your recovery. These will be charged separately.

As a Touch for health practitioner I have a deeper skillset due to the use of our health protocols. These “Functional Kinesiology” protocols are an effective way of looking at today’s health conditions and finding solutions quickly.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of Kinesiology sessions will vary on each individual, your issues and how well they follow any changes recommended to your diet and lifestyle. Generally, people feel a significant improvement within their first one to three appointments. Once optimum health has been attained, regular appointments keep the body balanced and prevent further ill health.

How long is a Kinesiology appointment?

The first Kinesiology appointment will take approximately 90-120 minutes; subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. Prior to the first session, all new clients will be required to fill in a comprehensive medical history questionnaire.

Muscle monitoring is used to assess energy and body function before a range of gentle, yet powerful, healing techniques are applied to improve your health and wellbeing.
Kinesiology uses muscle response to identify a persons need to become complete. A muscle responds to a negative stress by becoming weak and to a positive stress by becoming strong.

When using this technique, as the Kinesiologist practitioner I will be able to find through muscle response yes/no questioning what, when and where an adjustment is needed to improve your wellbeing.

What My Clients Say About Me

Tania is very intuitive and keeps attention to you as a person, it was great working with her. Feel amazing!

Pia Stables

I came to have a Touch for health Kinesiolodgy session with Tania and really wanted to work on my emotional state as been undergoing counselling. Tania did a 14 muscly Balance and a colour balance and she was so helpful in letting me process some difficult feelings. Cant wait to work more with Tania to…

Tony Abbrow

The session with Tania was brilliant and has released my hip pain significantly and I have some fab homework to take away as a bonus was that the treatment also worked on my emotional state! Will definable keep having treatments as been having Physio for years with little Improvement.

Kate Hicks

I had a really bad frozen shoulder and couldn’t lift my arm at all so had a Balance treatment with Tania. Wow! Amazing , Tania explained treatment and to be honest it was differs to understand as very complex and noting like I had had before but it was fascinating as my range of movement…

Andy Moyle